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Top Tips For Mastering Your Continued Education


After graduating high school the world is open to you and the possibilities to enter any career you can think of.  For most entering into medicine is a way to help people and to give back to the community.  Finding a specialized education such as a pharmacy school in Salt Lake City will start you down the road to your rewarding career.  For those who like many don’t like school here are a few tips that you can use to improve your learning process.

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Take notes

Taking notes will be your friend.  Too often than not we don’t take enough notes or don’t really review what it is we write.  Some people will never review their notes because they are so disorganized that it will take twice as long to decipher what it is you wrote than it is worth doing.

Online research

Doing your own online research is key to understanding the material you need to know.  When going to school you will be given a few pages of a book to read and the information is written in such a way only the author understands what in the world they wanted to say. This is where going online can be beneficial.

When starting your online research, use sites like YouTube to find videos on a specific topic.  Simply type in what it is you want to learn about and see what comes up.  When watching these videos take notes and reference them to what you have learned in class.  Also, don’t rely on just one video you will want to watch two or three to get different perspectives and tidbits of information.

Type questions into Google

When using Google type in the questions your instructor wants you to answer.  Generally, there are other students online who have taken that class or may have encountered that question before.  When you get your results read some of these answers, additional questions that they may have had and more.  When you are done compile all of this information into a clear and concise format that you understand and can reference for later use.

Use Evernote and OneNote

These two tools are digital notebooks that you can use to keep track of all the information and research that you have done.  You will be able to copy images, web links, text and anything that you find online to these notebooks.  The notebooks are also managed by tabs which you can use to quickly find the section and page where the information is located.

Don’t do twice the work or more

When working on your education it is all about working smarter not harder.  When you use these tools and organize your information correctly the ability to write papers, research answers to questions for tests and more will become much more streamlined.  Also, as you progress through school this digital notebook will grow with you giving you a massive resource that you could always refer back to after graduation.